Frequently Asked Questions

How many guests can Michael's House hold at one time?
ANSWER: We have a total of fourteen (14) beds.  Two of these beds are reserved for the house managers who serve as live-in employees of the program.

QUESTION: Who can live at Michael's House?
ANSWER: Any man  eighteen (18) years old or older, who has a substance/alcohol abuse problem. Before intake, each guest must be medically detoxed from drugs and alcohol, and able to pass an 11-panel drug screen.

QUESTION: How long is a typical stay at Michael's House?
ANSWER: Up to one year.

QUESTION: Can I work while I am a guest at Michael's House?
ANSWER: Guests are required to get jobs after their first month of stay, and prohibited from working their first month.

What should I bring when I move in?
ANSWER: You should bring your own:
Work and casual clothes
Food-- we do NOT provide meals. You are responsible for bringing and preparing your own meals while staying in the house.  We do have a fully equipped kitchen.
Towels and wash cloths
Toiletries (tooth paste, soap, shaving cream, brush, etc.)

QUESTION: Are there any items I am prohibited from bringing to the house?
ANSWER: Yes! These items include but are not limited to:
             - Any illicit substances
            - Any prescribed narcotics (as well as certain non-narcotic prescribed medications that are prone to abuse 
            - Alcohol ( including mouthwash with alcohol or cooking ingredients with alcohol)
            - Weapons

QUESTION: Do you drug test?
ANSWER: Yes, we randomly drug screen / breathalyze our guests 1-2 times a week. We also have a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use. If anyone is caught doing so, they are immediately asked to leave the property and not return.

QUESTION: What is the visitor policy at Michael's House?
ANSWER: Visitors are allowed during the first month of stay with approval of staff. We ask that these visits be limited to 30 minutes. After the first month guests are able to spend as much time as they want with loved ones outside of the house as long as it does not interrupt their daily responsibilities in the house. 

QUESTION: What is the transportation policy?   Am I allowed to bring my car, motorcycle?  If I don't have access to a motor vehicle how will get around?  
ANSWER: After the first 30 days, a guest MAY be granted permission to have their vehicle on the premise.  This is a privilege that must be earned.  Our house is also located just steps from 2 separate bus lines.  We have a working relationship with an agency that will provide bus passes for our guests. 

QUESTION: How often am I allowed to leave the house?
ANSWER: During the first 30 days all new guests are placed on a restriction. This means they have restricted curfew and must check in with staff. After restriction, the guest are allowed to come and go with a enforced curfew at night.

QUESTION: Where would I get a scholarship application to complete, and where do I return it to?
ANSWER: You can request a scholarship application from the program director at Michael's House. Once completed the application should be given to the program director so that it can be submitted to the Michael J. Dias Foundation Board of Directors for consideration.  The program director will inform you if the application has been approved. Please note that scholarships are awarded, contingent upon availability.