Frequently Asked Questions

How many guests can Michael's House hold at one time?
ANSWER: We have a total of fourteen (14) beds. 

QUESTION: Who can live at Michael's House?
ANSWER: Any man  eighteen (18) years old or older, who has a substance/alcohol abuse problem. Before intake, each guest must be medically detoxed from drugs and alcohol, and able to pass an 11-panel drug screen.

QUESTION: How long is a typical stay at Michael's House?
ANSWER: Up to one year.

QUESTION: Can I work while I am a guest at Michael's House?
ANSWER: Everyone is required to get jobs.

What should I bring when I move in?
ANSWER: You should bring your own:
Work and casual clothes
Food-- we do NOT provide meals. You are responsible for bringing and preparing your own meals while staying in the house.  We do have a fully equipped kitchen.
Toiletries (tooth paste, soap, shaving cream, brush, etc.)

QUESTION: Are there any items I am prohibited from bringing to the house?
ANSWER: Yes! These items include but are not limited to:
             - Any illicit substances
            - Any prescribed narcotics (as well as certain non-narcotic prescribed medications that are prone to abuse 
            - Alcohol ( including mouthwash with alcohol or cooking ingredients with alcohol)
            - Weapons

QUESTION: Do you drug test?
ANSWER: Yes, we randomly drug screen / breathalyze our guests 1-2 times a week. We also have a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use.