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Medical Marijuana Growing Facility obtains conditional approval from Ludlow Board of Selectmen

posted Apr 20, 2016, 4:45 PM by amcorrieri@mdiasfoundation.org   [ updated May 7, 2016, 4:17 AM ]
UPDATE-On Tuesday, May 3rd the Board of Selectman voted to withdraw the letter of non-opposition for Happy Valley Ventures to go forward with the planning of a medical marijuana growing and distribution facility in Ludlow.   Following this decision the Board has decided to step back and gather more information regarding whether or not a state-wide marijuana cultivation and distribution facility is in the best interest of the town and if it is desired by our residents.  The Board of Selectman will be holding a public hearing on a date to be determined to gather feedback from Ludlow residents regarding their desire to have this type of business in Ludlow.  
A recording of the meeting is available on LCTV (Channel 193) and online at ludlowtv.org.  We encourage residents to watch the video and become more informed and to attend upcoming meetings and hearings in order to voice their opinion regarding the proposal.  CARES will continue to keep you informed.

On April 18th a meeting of the Ludlow Board of Selectmen with Happy Valley Ventures LLC resulted in a conditional approval of a marijuana growing and distribution facility in Ludlow.  There was a significant amount of discussion and information shared during the meeting.  Ultimately the Board voted to provide a "letter of non-opposition"  to Happy Valley Ventures LLC with the condition that a host agreement be executed, no /medical/retail distribution  be done at the facility and safety/security expenses that the town may incur due to the facility/production be covered by Happy Valley Ventures LLC.  This letter is required in order for Happy Valley to move forward in the application process to have a  Medical Marijuana Facility in Ludlow.

LCTV covered this meeting and it is available on cable access or clicking here and selecting the Board of Selectman April 18 meeting. We encourage residents to view the meeting to become informed about the facility, impact, information provided by Happy Valley Ventures LLC and comments made by various participants in the meeting.

Ludlow CARES Coalition will continue to provide information, awareness and education on the issue of substance use/abuse in general and the impact it may have on our our youth and community.  What is critical is that we all continue to educate ourselves and our young people on the risks presented by the use of drugs and/or alcohol including marijuana.  Marijuana, like other drugs and alcohol, has risks.  Like other legal drugs, it has been reported to provide benefits from a medical perspective.   Also like other drugs, the illegal use of marijuana can be dangerous to the consumer, buyer and distributor - as we in Ludlow know all too well.  Please take the time to discuss this topic with the young people in your life and to provide accurate information and guidance as this will become a topic to be discussed and debated over the course of the next few years.  The stigma that marijuana is "bad", "immoral", and/or "unhealthy" has been mostly lifted and is quickly becoming a lifestyle "choice" like alcohol.  We need to continue to update the conversations in this regard and encourage parents and family members to take the lead and responsibility for communicating information.   These conversations will help us all learn from each other - especially from the young adults in our lives.  Click here for a helpful link on starting these conversation and here to the  American Academy of Pediatrics regarding the recreational use of marijuana and possible impact on youth.
Apr 20, 2016, 4:47 PM