A residence for recovering addicts.
Michael Brassard, Program Director
Email: mbrassard@mdiasfoundation.org 
Phone: 413-788-0270

Grace Dias, MJD President & Board Member 
Email: gdias@mdiasfoundation.org
Phone: 413-250-2823 


This video highlights the journey for some of the men who have been guests at Michael's House.  It is unscripted, real and very powerful- showing the highs and lows for those on the road to recovery .

The mission of our Foundation is to aid and educate individuals and families on substance abuse and help those that are battling the disease of addiction.

Michael's House is an intensive, spiritually based program that uses the 12 steps of recovery as the basis of the program. 

Guests are required to actively and aggressively pursue recovery through working the 12-Steps.  Guests will be guided through the process by incorporating a diverse group of peer mentors. This will take place in a group and in an individual setting.

A structured schedule allows for educational groups, individualized mentoring, personal reflection, and life-skill building tasks.

It is our belief that recovery is possible for ANYONE, if they are ready.  It is our goal to provide a safe, clean, and positive setting for anyone wanting to change their life. 

We are a residential program for alcohol or drug addicted men, 18 years or older.  All guests must pass an eleven panel drug test as part of the admission process (tests are administered at check-in) and complete/submit the online application.

We are a non-medical and non-clinical program, so as a result, we are private pay only. Insurance is not accepted.  Program fees are discussed after initial review.

If a guest is having financial hardship, scholarships are available through the Michael, J. Dias Foundation, on a first come, first serve basis. A scholarship application will have to be filled out, submitted, and approved prior to check-in. 

Potential guests will be subject to a phone interview, and a face-to-face interview in order to be accepted to our program.  Guests will be notified of admission status within 24 hours of their interview.  
1. Review the FAQs page.
2. Complete the online application.
3. Contact Michael Brassard, Program Director with any questions- email: mbrassard@mdiasfoundation.org  or phone: 413-788-0270.

Michael's House is owned and operated by the Michael J. Dias Foundation.  The Michael J. Dias Foundation is a 501c(3) charitable organization and donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
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